Special Update

Life Point update concerning the Coronavirus

Hello Church Family!

Many are asking, wondering, concerned, and even anxious with what we, as The Church, are to do and going to do in this time. Well, we at Life Point are going to do what the Church has done for the last 2000 years. Study His Word, and worship the King who is still on the throne.

Here is our current stance and perspective on the Corona Virus and what it means for us gathering as the Church.

I recently heard a statistic on causes of death in the US. As of the time of the writing of this email, there have been 38 confirmed deaths from Coronavirus in the United States. In contrast, from what I recently heard, there have been over 46,000 deaths from the common flu (since Nov.) and 9,000 deaths by suicide in this year alone. That puts things into perspective.

So here is my personal take on the Corona Virus. There are two things to remember: faith over fear and wisdom in your ways.

Faith over fear:

For 2000 years, the Church still met together even in times of trouble. LP will never be a place to run from, but always be a place that people can run to.

If you Google how many times ‘fear not’ is in the Bible, it says 365 times (that means we have a command to not fear for every day of the year). We are to be anxious for NOTHING (Phil 4:6). We will always choose praise and prayer over panic.

So, our doors will be open and we will continue to meet as the Church to worship the One that is still on the throne, to get into His word and hear from the One that numbers our days.

Nonetheless, we will also follow the mandate of the State. But I will add, even if we had to do 15 services in a weekend to make sure we fell within the 250 or less people gathering at one time, that’s what we would do.

With that said...next we do need to use wisdom in our ways:

Although the risk of spread of the Corona Virus in our area remains relatively low, we feel it is wise to be prudent and proactive in our response to the threat.

Our goal is to ensure the health and safety of everyone that comes to church.

      1. Our children’s ministry will be disinfect and sanitize our classrooms before and after each service. We will continue to clean and sanitize all the toys as well, and clean all surfaces and doorknobs.
      2. All snacks served in the children’s ministry will come in individually wrapped packages.
      3. All bathrooms will be disinfected and sanitized.
      4. We will be putting hand sanitizer at certain locations throughout the building.
      5. We will be strictly enforcing the 'no sick children' rule.  We would ask your cooperation by keeping your children or yourselves home if you have a runny nose, fever or cough or other respiratory symptoms even if you think it is just allergies.  Note: we recommend you call your health care provider if you have these symptoms.
      6. For the time being, we will not be providing donuts or coffee at our Sunday services or midweek men’s and women’s study.
      7. We will also not be passing a tithe bag through the congregation, but instead have the offering box available in the sanctuary where you can put your tithes and offereings. You can also give securely online at our church website https://lifepoint.city/give/.

  1. We suggest for the time being you avoid physical contact, i.e. handshakes, hugs, etc., but instead give a friendly smile or gracious verbal greeting in the name of the Lord :).

    If the situation worsens, we are prepared to stream our services on-line.

    All that being said, we would ask you to please do your part to help in this situation. If you are sick, out of courtesy for others please stay home and get well. Exercise good hygiene, washing your hands frequently with warm soapy water, and coughing or sneezing into a tissue or the nook of your arm.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older adults (ages 60 and higher) as well as people who have serious, chronic medical conditions (like heart disease, diabetes and lung disease) are at higher risk for contracting COVID-19. These individuals should avoid crowds as much as possible, as well as cruise travel and non-essential air travel.

    If you need prayer, please do not hesitate to email our prayer chain at [email protected].

    You can consult the following website for more information:


    Looking forward to seeking and worshiping Jesus who is our Waymaker, Healer and Provider, and is Sovereign over all.

    In Him,

    Pastor Mark